Les Smith

Les Smith - Thank you

I thank you all for your warm support and your kindness you have shown throughout my appearances.

It is because of you that drives my creative, as well as my live performances all over this great land.  A special shout out to my radio listeners that tune in to my small show at 3CR which, thanks to modern technology, is broadcasted both in Australia and internationally.

Please keep on sending me your fond emails and I will do a special shout out to my many fans.

Meet My Fans

Nicky sullivan

"Just for you Les. Les, I really enjoyed your performance in Bendigo, you brought a smile to my face with your moves”


"I listen to you on 3CR and you bring a great selection of songs I like to hear”

Chris Blue

"Bought my sweetheat with me and had a great night out - you really got the place rockin”

Doug & Julie

"Thank you, we love to dance and saw you live. Your bring back great memories”

Bluey Johnson

"I get to hear you on the internet radio here in Central Queensland, mate your are pure gold”


"Les, I have your CD and play it everywhere that I go. I love to hear your songs in my bedroom”

Estelle Williams

"I never miss your performance. My heart is full of joy when you are on stage”

frankey pine (piney)

"Come to Tasi, I listen to you on the internet on your radio show. Great selection of REAL Music”

Katie Delroy

"Les, I enjoy seeing you on stage and listening t you on the radio. You are the sunshine in my eye”

beth & john

"More, more, more - we love you. We get up on the dance floor every time you are on”

Shirley Harper

"Les, I am your number one fan. You do things with your voice that is a real enjoyment”


"I always have you on in the day. The CD I have given to my daughter - she is a fan”