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We cannot do it alone.


More Safety Equipment is Needed URGENTLY to ensure that staff can come to work to carry out their mission to treat the Kolas, Kangaroos, Native birds and reptiles.

TARGET $150 000
Raised 5%
Australian Bushfire Animal Appeal


Fires are over the recovery begins

We Need your help

Help to rehabilitate our native animals.


My Country Burned

Australian had the most deverstating fires in history  One third of the country was wiped out of natural vegetation.

Natural Wildlife

Natural wildlife was lost there habitat with much of the country animals being rescued and sent to animal rescues and / or animal hospitals. 

Caring for Wildlife


Assisting in the recovery of wildlife is a key part of the aftermath of the fires.  It will take months of effort to rehabilitate our wildlife.

Kolas in Crisis

Kolas are the face of the fires we remember.  Unfortunately, their recovery will be slower than most.  Kola centers rescue missions need urgent ongoing donations.

Emergency Staff

Although many people in the disaster donated their time in the short term.  The long term care requires trained professionals to the ongoing treatment.  Donations are urgently needed for this work.

Equipment Needed

Donations are urgently needed for medicines & equipment.  Shelters and centers requires months of supplies.

Food Stocks

As you are aware natural vegetation has been burnt.  Donations are required to source food and food drops to our wildlife.


Donations will assist in bringing wildlife back or relocated to areas that can sustain populations.  Donations will assist in reafforestation projects to help the food chain.  However, this will take years so donations will assist in this ongoing are. 

Food Drops

Sadly the aftermath of the fires has left vast part of the country baron.  Donations will assist in the food drop programs which may last up to 24 months.

This Is Why

Money is Needed Most

Supplier of Food

Natural food stocks are wiped out.  Donations will go to food drops in the country side and animal hospitals.

Animal Care Hospitals

Animal shelters and hospitals are full of recovering patients.  Donations will be channeled directly to source – Kola Hospitals in Victoria.

Rehabilitation Centers

Donations will assist in the ongoing rehabilitation of animals to assist in recovery and return to the wild.

Permanent Care

Some wildlife cannot return to the wild and will require permanent residence for their natural lives.  Donations will fund this ongoing.

Australia in Crisis

Australian Fires 2019 to 2020